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Linda’s Testimonial

I thank you Dr. Cappillo for freeing me from 40 years of constant neck pain and stiffness following my surgery to repair herniated discs in my neck. I experienced constant neck and shoulder pain of varying degrees.  I had many rounds of physical therapy exercises and muscle injections to relieve the pain with no improvement. Dr. Cappillo and her activator technique has rid me of all my pain and stiffness.

Thank you Dr. Cappillo for the new me!!

-Linda P

Barbara’s Testimonial

I have been a patient of Dr. Cappillo’s for several years and she has helped me manage lower back pain, neck pain, overall stress and general health ups and downs. My son also sees her for regular “tune ups” as he is a very tall and growing teenage boy who competes in several sports and often needs realignment. This summer, I started taking my teenage daughter to see Dr. Cappillo. She has severe autism and chronic gastrointestinal and immune issues. My daughter loves going for her “massage”. Dr. Cappillo has worked on her adrenals as well as her gut, and of course, her spine. After her visits, she is very relaxed and sleeps amazingly well. Dr. Cappillo has helped her gut symptoms and has helped her to feel better in general. While each of us have different needs, Dr. Cappillo is able to identify how to best help us all. We love her gentle ways and are grateful to have her.

– Barbara, Dover, MA

Sara’s Testimonial

I have been a patient of Dr. Cappillo for the past several weeks. I also brought my 18 month old son in to see her. A friend had mentioned that babies with misalignment may have delays in walking, talking and meeting developmental milestones. While I can’t say for certain that Dr. Cappillo was the main impetus for his walking, but a few days after getting aligned, he started taking his 1st steps!

Dr. Cappillo has also helped me with lower back pain. She is gentle and thorough and I am very happy to have found her!

– Sara G

Robert’s Testimonial

I hobbled in Dr. Noel Cappillo’s office on crutches and walked out a half hour later carrying the crutches. “A miracle,” my neighbors said. For four days over the July 4 weekend I had suffered severe pain on my right side. The attack hit me suddenly, as I was watching a movie at home and continued without letup night and day. Ibuprofen and Tylenol gave no relief. I decided to suffer through the long holiday weekend and wait to see Dr. Cappillo. I was confident she would solve the problem. For more than two years she had helped this nonagenarian combat the ravages of old age, from back pains to a loss of energy. She had earned my trust and she came through magnificently. A “miracle?” Leave that to the theologians.

– Robert P., Lincoln, MA

Laura’s Testimonial

For many years I suffered from back problems. I would routinely throw my back out doing simple things like washing my hair. It would cause me to miss work and the only options I had were muscle relaxants. For several years a friend implored me to see Dr. Cappillo. I finally made an appointment and I was amazed. Instead of being down for the count for a week or more she had me up and running in a matter of days. No more muscle relaxants, no more missed work. I now have my whole family of five seeing her and my youngest son had his first visit with her when he was only two weeks old. The activator method is extremely gentle and I have to say that Dr. Cappillo has saved our family many times from illness and further injury. She and her office staff are prompt and extremely courteous. We can’t say enough good things about her!!

– Laura, Framingham, MA


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