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    wholisticmatters.com- Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Inflamation -The Endocannabinoid System- please read these links to better understand the importance of maintaining this important system. Talk to Dr Cappillo about Ultracell full spectrum hemp oil to restore your Endocannabinoid system.

At initial onset of symptoms, add the following supplements to your regime:

  1. Astragulus (herb with antiviral properties)- use powdered form in capsules. Available at Wholefoods.
  2. Increase vitamin D dosage.
  3. Dissolve 2 Mucococcinum homeopathic tablets in mouth per day (one AM and one PM). Take Echinacea liquid and Sinus Plus in small amount of juice or water every 2 hours. Visit www.andreacandee.com to order these products. Ms Candee is a master herbalist and her Echinacea preparation is the most effective I have found. Echinacea is water and alcohol soluble therefore the powdered capsule form is not as effective.
  4. Immune support – drink with plenty of water or juice as it has a strong aftertaste but definitely worth it. This can be taken the same day as Astragulus, just alternate doses (every 2-3 hours while symptoms persist). 
    Available at mercola.com

For questions on specific amounts and dosages, ask Dr Cappillo.

Children – use supplements 1-3, the Astragulus capsule can be opened and the powder stirred into a favorite juice for kids too young to swallow a capsule. Vitamin D can be taken in chewable form. Dr. Cappillo uses this with her own children with great success. They love their “special lemonade” (with Astragulus, Echinacea and Sinus Plus mixed in). Continue these supplements until a full day after symptoms clear. If you catch the infection early enough, symptoms may not develop further and completely resolve quickly.

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